Keisoku Net Service Co., Ltd.

Keisoku Net Service Co., Ltd.

Privacy Policy

Keisoku Net Service Co., Ltd. duty is contributing advancement to the society, brings safety and reassurance to the people, and utilizing measurement technology in the construction industry. We will be collecting information from you in order to smoothly conduct the business to provide better service and product to our customer. The personal information that we may collect are the following: Name,Address,Email Address(etc.)
1 We are fully aware of our duty and responsibility to protect your personal information.
2 We will appropriately collect, use, and handle the personal information. Personal information is limited to the extent necessary for fair business practice.
3 To prevent from unauthorized access, loss, damage, falsification, and leak of personal information, we will take proper safety measure and take corrective procedure.
4 We will comply with the laws, regulation, and other rules concerning personal information protection.
5 We will continuously review, modify, and improve concerning personal information protection.

The way we use the information

Your personal information we acquired will be only used for the following.
Delivering product and offering follow-up services.
Notification of our product, service, event, and etc.
Questionnaires concerning about product development and improvement of customer's service.
Answering questions and suggestions from you regarding about our products and service.
We do not use the personal information unintended.

Third party links

Unless we have consent from you, we will not provide or share your information to the third party.

Our commitment to personal information management

We will secure and manage your personal information, prevent from loss, damage, falsification, and leak of personal information, and we will take necessary and proper safety measures. In addition, personal information shall be endeavored to keep accurate and update within the extent necessary for achieving its purpose of use. We do not disclose personal information without your consent, except in accordance with laws and regulations.