Keisoku Net Service Co., Ltd.

Keisoku Net Service Co., Ltd.


Dedicated to Development of Measurement and Survey Systems

Since the foundation in 1998, Keisoku Net Service Co., Ltd. is dedicated to developing construction measurement and survey systems.
We have achievements and expertise in constructing the optimal systems for every construction type.
We also have the in-house system where internal system engineers can address quick design changes and other requests.

Measurement IoT

The environment of the civil engineering survey industry is going through the period of innovation with the increasing demand for safe and accurate construction. For example, the technology-oriented bidding system has been implemented.
We have developed accurate measurement and survey systems by precisely understanding the trends of the times and integrating conventional measurement management operations with our proprietary IT technologies.
The IT allows for centralization of measurement information on the server to support site workers and managers in back-office sections by improving the site productivity through data view, management, operation and so on.